Men - Women - Youth Taking Control Programs

Why This Program?

Men/Women/Youth Taking Control assists all clients to “believe in themselves”. From the beginning of this program results have shown men/women/youth need reality and need to be shown they are accountable. A raw, honest passionate program.

Why “Men/Women/Youth Taking Control” Exists:

To give everyone back their “Control”. By showing/helping them to find their self-worth.

To prominently work with a diverse range of men/women/youth who may suffer from many long term illnesses or disabilities so as to enhance their personal lives, in turn resulting in long term employment.

To provide knowledge, life tools and skills to assist these men/women/youth in making better decisions.

To work closely with employment advisors where possible to assist in developing a well-developed life plan.

To give these men/women/youth “Empathy” not “Sympathy”

Who We Work With:

This program is suitable for men/women 18 years and over.

Youth from 12 years.

We provide services to Stream 3 and 4 clients of whom it has been noted suffer from long term multiple barriers.

Empathy Not Sympathy offers Motivational Sessions to enhance the lives of everyone.

In order for these clients to resume full time, long term employment and make better choices the Men/Women/Youth Taking Control programs deals with:

Drug and alcohol abuse

Lack of respect for themselves and others

Sexual Health

Physical disabilities




Where and How to find Employment


Interview Process

Over Coming Life & Employment Barriers



Immediate Benefit To Organisations Using “Men/Women/Youth Taking Control”:

Long term unemployed gaining and maintaining employment.

Clients having more respect and a “NEVER GIVE UP ATTITUDE” enabling them to work more closely with Case Managers.

Clients “taking control of their lives”, being more open minded to change and acceptance of themselves.

Clients being more confident to approach potential employers on all levels.

Clients overcoming drug and alcohol addictions by finding “honesty” in their lives.

What Makes “Men/Women/Youth Taking Control” Unique?

Life experienced facilitators pride themselves on Quality, Respect and Outcomes.

Group sizes are to be no more than 15 and no less than 6. This enhances the group to grow, and allows the facilitator to spend “one on one” time with clients when required.

Men/Women/Youth Taking Control faces issues most people hide from, including: Crime, anger management, relationships, respect, drugs, addictions and confidence. As well as all issues that urgently need to be dealt with to enable these men/women/youth to once again become full time/long term employed useful members of society and their families.

Each client is provided with the phone number of the facilitator and is strongly encouraged to contact the facilitator at all times on any matter.

We follow up with our clients regularly, some it has shown to be up to 3 years.


Clients being employed either full time, part time or casual.

Clients returning to further their education.

Clients developing more motivation and respect when seeking employment and also with personal relationships.

Clients enrolling in further educational studies to improve literacy and numeracy.

Clients enrolling in courses designed to enhance each clients abilities within the workplace, e. g. forklift licences etc.

Clients addressing drug and alcohol issues to enhance suitability for employment.

Program Duration:

Due to the deeply intense nature of the Men/Women/Youth Taking Control program, the program is run between 9.30 am and 2.30pm for a 4 day period.

Programs duration and times can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Divert Incarceration For Aboriginal Youth (DIFAY)

The purpose of this program is to prevent offending and reduce repeat offending by assisting and supporting Aboriginal youth and their families through the delivery of high-quality education, leadership and supervisory program.

The aim of the program will be to assist indigenous youth to empower themselves and utilise the information and education provided to make informed choices, therefore improving their lifestyle skills and potentially reducing the rate of re-offending and incarceration.

The program will focus on the indigenous youth whom are at risk of being incarcerated or at risk of re-offending, by developing and facilitating an incarceration diversion program, aimed at reducing the high rates of indigenous youth incarceration.

Why This Program?

This program was originally developed as a result of having several discussions with the judges and magistrates in the youth courts of South Australia, and community members. In conjunction with the release of recent data on youth incarceration rates from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.


The program will have a strong focus on crime prevention and reducing re-offending rates, this will be carried out by practicing and encouraging youth participation and ownership. Covering and discussing several topics as listed below;

· Crime Prevention

· Anger Management

· Drugs and Alcohol

· Family and Culture

· Victims of Crime

· Reducing re-offending rates

· Respect and empowerment

· Mental health

· Social pressures


The outcomes of this project/program will assist and enable Aboriginal youth to make well informed choices about their futures and their engagement in criminal activities. It will also provide the youth with an opportunity to further their education and change their own lives to think and feel positive about themselves. Also the program can assist the community with providing further opportunities for assisting and supporting disengaged youth.

The program will also be able to educate the youth about the affects of engaging in criminal activities, and the different types of suffering the victims and community are left with as a result of youth engaging in criminal activities.

Staff Training/Corporate Events/Guest speaking

¨ 1 hour, 1/2 day, full day & week long programs available

¨ Team building & cooperation

¨ Improving staff/customer relations

¨ Increased productivity

¨ Increased staff wellbeing

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